Monday, December 8, 2008

It's nearly Christmas

YAY..and although the daunting thought of shopping..card writting, wrapping, decorating etc. is at times a bit mind blowing I just deep down LOVE IT!!
This year I am very excited as I am taking just over 3 weeks off from work and I plan to do nothing except relax and have fun, enjoy all my kids while they are here and especially my beautiful grandchildren!!
I see beach walks (if my foot ever heals) park, coffee...movies the list goes on O YES!!
To my friend Donna. I may not be as enthusiastic. I do not cook ( I mean why cook when Mr Coles and Mr Woolies etc do your baking for you ) But I do love the season..yes rock on Christmas.
Bring on the heat, the crowded shops, the battle in the car parks for that spot, the struggle to buy just the right gift, all the food ( I'll worry about the weight next year) put up the decos (as tacky as some of mine are I am told by daughter number 3) buy just one more animated singing reindeer and just bring on the peace that comes only with Christmas!!!


Donna Louise said...

Nothing wrong with woolies fruit mince tarts! You are Chrstmas beautiful Mary! So loving and giving and most of all enthusiastic for any new idea. We would make a great team Chriatmas-ing the world. Love ya x

John Finkelde said...

I love the carols like silent nite, come all ye faithful - just brilliant!

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