Thursday, December 11, 2008

5 friday favs..early..but who cares

yes I am beginnibng too wonder if my blogs are being read...but thats ok..
My 5 Favs are...
1 finishing story time for the year... that made me smile. Now I just have about 160 who I need to party in style next week.
2. My husband. A girl at work has just had her 2nd rear end accident for the year ( she running into the back of someone) and she was saying how angry her Dad was with her the first time and how scared she was to tell husband is an amazing Father ( and husband) and his kids ( I don't think would be ever afaraid of him!!)
3 Christmas time..I love it makes me happy and makes me smile just living it.
4 Storms (when there is no wind or hail) we have had a lot lately and they are quite lovely..
5 Coming home after a long hard day when its as hot as AND my house is lovely and cool from the sea breeze that has been blowing..O YEAH!!!
Thats it for this week tomorrow and I am on holidays..YAY


Kirsty said...

I'm scared of my father, but don't tell him or he will be beat me...

Bwahahah...I couldn't even type that with a straight face!

yeah, you picked us a nice dad:-)

Phrog said...

Except when you have to call him at 4am to tell him you wrote off his beloved Datsun

Anonymous said...

it's coz I'm too good a driver to crash...... :) kim

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