Saturday, December 20, 2008

My IWOOT for Danny andour day at pac fair

OK so today Alan and I got up at sparrows and drove to pac fair!! we arrived at about 8.15 (qld time) now I might add visiting pac fair is a fair pain in the ars... ( please do not get this one wrong) as we(NSW) live an hour all day it is confusing. My phone automaticaaly changes over but of course my watch doesn't!!!
Anyway we started with a delicious breaky..and then shopped. We shopped for hours and hours BUT the really good news is our shopping is nearly all done. So amazing.
Alan and I had a great day and were very excited that our spa was being plugged in by the electrician. Yes home to a beautiful spa. We came home to a bill for &50 dollars and thespa not working : (
very sad. Hope he will come and fix it tomorrow.
Anyway my IWOOT for Danny..

a new cordless phone

new brown/beige large bath towels plus bath mat

a new quality frypan ..with lid

a new small outdoor setting

a short sleeve wrap but not in satin..impossible to buy trust me!!

a clock radio that projects the time to the ceiling

a sound machine for beside my bed

I tried pictures but way too there are some things. I also need a new wallet..and many more things but I feel I have excelled myself here..Now if i had a spa I would go and sit in it, so maybe Al and I will have to go and F..T in it!!!!!!

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Phrog said...

Thanks for your IWOOT post it was very helpful. We`re now finished our shopping for Christmas and now we can relax and enjoy christmas. Hope to see you soon.