Thursday, December 18, 2008

New spa pictures

Ok so this is our spa...the idea is that because the electrician can't plug it in till Monday we will fill it and sit in it and f...!!! Als idea cool does it look??/ That courtyard was really built as a spa coutyard. Its just taken us 2 and a half years to realise it!!!!


Kirsty said...

Okay, it took me a few minuted to figure out what you 'f' word was!

Nat is happy now:-)

Definitely looks as though the courtyard was built for a spa

Donna Louise said...

Well I am glad Kirsty worked out what the 'F' word is because I am feeling slightly uncomfortable
1.Maybe because Alan after a zillion years of marriage called it "f"
2.that it appears on your blog and your poor children have to read about aforementioned "f"
3. I am sure you are indulging in "the business" but I would hope not at precarious angles as determined by the spa

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