Friday, December 5, 2008

5 FAVS and YES its still Friday!!!!

YAY its still friday and I am doing it!!!!

1, Having dinner with Kimmy and Bathany Joy at Fishy fishy...yay rates number 1 this week..
2. Having my son ring and see if I wanted to do lunch on a work day as he wasup in "the wok" what he calls Lismore (a hole in the ground and its hot!!!...go figure)
3. Living in the natiional Lampoons Christmas vacation street.. Chevvy Chase eat your heart out. Even though I get GGGRRRR I love gouing ouit and seeing the lights O YEAH!!
4, Coming home from work and having a wine ( no not a whine although some days that also rates) with my amazing husband..
5. Christmas time I LOve it I love it I love It , I love much fun so much happiness so much to buy ( so little money) but yes I love it ( friend Donna please note I am NOT one of those scrooge type people)

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Kirsty said...

I am too scared to admit to Donna that I am a scooge type....

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