Thursday, November 27, 2008

What a day

Well the day yesterday was pretty awful...the funeral, cemetary part at least. Kimmy actually made the ultimate sacrifice and came to the funeral to support his Mother. Now as nice as that was the real fact that he calls Lismore "the wok" because its hot and its a hole in the ground" means that he went ove rand above the call of son duty. Thanks Kimmy. It was like having Al there beside me. He carefully held me, stroked my arm and delighted me with his antics..including having to make a toilet stop mid funeral!!!! Thanks Kimmy

So then it was off to the cemetary, off to the wake and back to work..all up a draining day..I was thrilled that there were 3 full rows of library staff...and 3 of the staff were pall bearers and Helen and I and other staff members led the entourage out of the church with the flowers... VERY difficult. It was a very traditional service and not very personal, so when I die I want it to be very personal...rose petals on the coffin, stories of how funny, amazing, etc etc etc..that I was!!!!!!

Then it was meet up with Al for coffee, home for a quick shower and then out for dinner with the everywoman event for church..a great night which I will write about in my next blog....

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