Thursday, November 6, 2008

5 Friday Favs

Ok OK OK yes I have made it to Friday and Posting on Friday. Miricles happen... Its been a pretty tough week so I am guessing I will have to relly focus on the things close at hand for what made me happy this week..
1..My family. This week when I felt like my whole world was crumbling there they were for me.. Dan n Del to comfort me. Dan to hold me in his strong arms and Del to drink cheap wine wth me. Kimmy to txt and tell me he had a present for me just cause he knew it would make me feel better, Kirsty for ringing me and ringing me with no reply but she kept trying, Clarey for the message she left on my phone and I knew she was as heartbroken as me, for AJ for even mentioning it on facebook so I knew she too was with me..and finally but not leastly my amazing husband who txted me and rang sooo much and sent me the most beautiful txt saying.."sleep well princess..." What an amazing family..
2.. AJ to be there to greet me and cuddle me when I got off the plane
3.. To have dinner cooked by my husband at home when I finally got home
4.. My own bed yet again to pop into a little slice of heaven
5.. My mobile phone. This week just would habve been terrible without it..
OK so a tough week but through the toughness still things (people) that made me happy..


Dena said...

Oh Ginny, I am so sorry about your Auntie! It sounds like you have had a terrible week but I am so glad that you have such a wonderful family surrounding you and that you are cognizant of that fact. What a special family you all truly are. I am always warmed by the closeness that you share with your children and how much you truly love your husband. It shows, it really does!

AJ said...

Yay! I genuinely made it into your faves this week without telling you I had to be...stoked... I love you mum and was so glad I could pick you up!

Kirsty said...

I love you mummy...and its only right that I be mentioned in your faves...I mean that from the bottom of my heart;-)