Monday, November 3, 2008

Another visit with Aunty Joan and the DFO

So yesterday Dan and Del and I had a very lazy lovely morning and did nothing. Breakfast coffee and relaxed. Wonderful. Then we got ready and went for a wonder around the DFO (direct factory outlet) for those not in the know) We spent a couple of hours wondering and looking for bargins we could not afford. Had a VERY disappointing coffee club experience and then home.
The whole time in the back of my mind was I need to see Aunty Joan one last time.
So I dropped them off and headed over to Monash. I went in and Joanny was in the same place as the day before. Sound asleep. I woke her and tried to help her to sit up a little as she was all falling over and then I just ambled on as only I can...
I talked about our family, her family my sisters Kim and cricket Dan n Dels wedding, Kirsty and uni Clare getting married...she actually turned and said "is she" when i told her about Clare getting married.. Aj and school Alan having a new job, Barb and Sue going overseas...on and on I went.
I said how dry her hands were and then found I had a little jar of cream in my bag and so I rubbed one and then Aunty Joan tried to lift her other hand over and so then I rubbed her other one. Very therapeutic for me and I think she liked it.
I then asked would she like me to pray with her and lo and behold if she didn't try and make the sign of the cross..broke my heart. So I then said an our Father and a hail Mary and my own personal prayer for her and then again she tried to make the sign of the cross.
I then had to do one of the hardest things ever and say goodbye. I kissed her, stroked her, told her how precious she was, thanked her for everything she had done for me and said I love you Joany and she said "I love you too"
Thank God that I was here. Thank God that it was this time that I came and saw Dan and Del. God is good. Please keep praying. All of us, Joans family, Geoff, our family and Joan herself need your prayers.
I go home today and leave Aunty Joan behind. So sad... But pleased to go home to my Husband.
Dan and Del have been amazing to me. I think I will book in here for more frequent holidays...Thanks guys

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Kirsty said...

Oh mum, it sounds as if she really enjoyed your visit. I feel so heartbroken for you. I love you.