Saturday, November 22, 2008

phew five favs and other things..sad and not so sad

Molly and Buddy when they were cute were they???
3 out of the 4 original Tyson women we now number 6 O YEAH!!! well 8 counting the 2 little ones

OK first up my five favs..
1..seeing pictures of my beautiful grandchildren on Kirstys blog AND reading about them..yep number 1!!!!
2..Kimmy organising quality time with Al...together they are planning many things, the first being a shed around all his pumps and everything for his you beaut pool..which is now swimable.
3.. Singstar. I have just discovered it and I LOVE IT!! I was sooo sad yesterday and I decided to have a go and it made me so happy!!
4.. Christmas stuff. Alan was playing with some of the amazing touys in th shop and yes I love all the decorations and displays AND all the cool decorations
5..blueberry and white chocolate scones from bakers delight!! O YUM they would make anyone feel happy..

Now this week I went back to work 3 days out of 4 and I was OK. My blood tests are back and good at the moment, so that has to be good.
I visited Anna on Wednesday ( the lady from work who was in hospital with cancer) and I found it tough going. When I got back I said I ddn't know if I would go I didn't feel I was saying the right thing or being any use..well no I won't be going back as she died yesterday morning. 5 weeks from when she went to the doctors. Such a shock for all of
Now we have the funeral as a work group to attend. Very hard it will be..
On the brighter side I hav done it..I have STARTED my Christmas shopping

Now I just need to get onto my Christmas letter and cards and I will really be rocking.


danndel said...

Hey Mary so sorry to hear about your friend, we're thinking of you and will pray for Anna and for you and your friends in the Library.

Kirsty said...

Oh mumsy sorry about Anna.

I am fairly stoked to have mad eit to #1 Friday Fave though...just quietly!