Sunday, November 16, 2008

I was tagged

Thanks to Kirsty I was tagged so.. here goes..
1. I have an amazing fear of cockroaches,,way above and beyond normal. When I was young I carried a glass jug out of our pantry and had my fingers inside it before I realised there was about 6 very large cockroaches in there..YUK

2. I smoked off and on for about 10 years. Gave up with each pregnancy as I was so sick but when having my 4th (AJ) the smell of smoke made me so sick I realised I could never smoke again if that was what my smoke did to people.

3. I used to be a candy striper at the local hospital in year 11.. and work at Coles when it was a variety store.. and eat all the lollies..cause you used to sell them by weight and you could eat them as they were all loose.

4. I can not dive. Something I never learned to do and I hate that I can't.

5. When I had 6 children with me ( my neice included) and Kirsty and Lisa ( my neice) were only about 12.. I had a flat battery while driving and so I had the 4 oldest 12, 12, 10, and 8 pushing an L300 van around a car park for 5 minurtes to jump start it before I realised I had to turn the ignition on..WHOOPSY!!!

6. When I was in year 6 me and a couple of other girls were sprung for passing "rude" notes and we were made to go over to confession...O how times have changed. We would possibly be given physcological testing now a days

Now I am in the swing of it I could do heaps more...It took me ages to come up with these...Hope they were intersting

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Kirsty said...

Diving is overrated...and if you swim in the ocean you CAN'T dive anyways!!!

I remember pushing that van. Just so you know;-)

Love them, I think you should do another 6!