Wednesday, November 26, 2008


This is a blog that I am doing "on request" for Danny.

Have just read "Isshy's" blog and so proud of go girl..Dan seems to be coping well working (i use the term loosely) 4 on 4 off.... Sorry Danno.. Clare is so organised I have made my hair appointment for that day (the wedding day that is) AJ is off formaling (all the yr 12 formals are on ) or gyming or socialising..that is her life..and Kimmy is very busy doing lots..enjoying his pool etc etc..

It has poured rain here you can see by the picture??????
Well maybe a slight eageration..but it was wet!!!!!

Tomorrow is Anna's funral. Going to be a very sad day. 3 of the staff are pall bearers...tough day I think...might need some medicinal alchol tomorrow night.
Till next time just a friendly reminder that is only 4 weeks till Chrissy tomorrow

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