Thursday, October 8, 2009

New Zealand Holiday day 4

Picture to the left is the "Johaneshoff winery" Picton

Well day 4 and once again we were up at sparrows. Heck why waste the time sleeping...we decided to walk the other way from the motel..and even though it was away from town (and the chance of coffee) we were confident that by the time we got back the joint next door ( some touring group..complete with cafe) would be open..
so it was another loong stroll. heaps of pictures more ooing and aahhing and talking. we were loving it. Our plan was to go back to the hotel (after a coffee) and have some breaky (toast and some of the tasty spreads I had from hotel Millenium) and off to Blenheim..and then to Picton (where the ferries come in from the North Island ..just so we could say we had been there)
A great walk and back for coffee ..A BOWL of coffee ..AWESOME.. then as planned headed off to Picton..
I wasn't feeling 100% and I did the driving..maybe not a good idea as I was way tired..but we made it.

I have just checked my book and noted that I haven't mentioned seeeing heaps of deer EVERWHERE>> and also we saw heaps of Alpacas.. they were on 1 farm but deer are everywhere. They have venison dishes everywhere..
Picton harbour was boring..Al got out and took pictures but very unassuming and then back to the Picton hub (the main street) to another bowl of coffee,,YES.
We had a bit of a look around and then headed back to Blenheim where we wanted to have 2 nights so we could do a wine tour on Wednesday.  However on the way we wanted to stop off at a winery that we had been told about from friends from church..somehow someone they knew (maybe a sister ) owns this place and so we called in..Johaneshoff winery or something. It was great. We never caught up with however was supposed to be there but we tasted some nice wines and my fav was a pinot gris(???) actually not sure..but it was a white wine..of which we bought a bottle..smooth. So we headed off again.. No idea where to stay, but we did have lunch at a great winery, we happened to stumble over, Allan Scott winery (originally owned by an Australian and so gum treees are planted everywhere ..) We then found a hotel . see link. Now as nice a sthis place was it really did have the dodgiest bathroom...y they didn't renovate it is beyond me..but hey.. V small and V tacky but adequate. We organised a winery tour with the bubbly grape tour group and was told they would pick us up at 12 the next day..

We then went walking..and walking and walking..It was so great to be out and about loving the new place. People so friendly. we asked a lady in a shop about where to find a supermarket and she took us outside down an arcade and explained it to us. V impressive. An early night was in we had cheese, bickies and wine. What else do you eat in the Marborough region of NZ???

The sun on the snow

Ok so the photos are bowls of coffee..Alan at the Allan Scott winery where we did lunch the view of the pool from our room..(sure it would never be warm enough to swim in

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