Friday, October 30, 2009

Day 11 Queenstowm

So we awoke to a fresh dusting of snow on the hills and dined on delicious toast and coffee.
We packed up and prepared to head to Queenstown. People had "warned" us about Queenstown "the Las Vegas" of NZ> We figured we loved the Gold Coast for a we would give it a try.

Before we left Wanaka we visited the "puzzling world". WOW>>It was really fun. Puzzles, queer rooms..(on a slope ) so everything looked like it was moving uphill, 3d stuff, and such a funny thing outside the was worth the money to go visit. As well the whole front area was chok full of puzzles and things that you could sit and do..It was fun!

Then it was off to Queenstown.about a 90 min drive, but enroute we stopped at the AJ Hackett bungy jumping (the original bungee jumping in NZ) Very well set up with a huge complex and so we watched with our Mochas for quite a while. There was a Melbourne school group, who apparently kept coming back as each time a few more wanted to jump. I got to inspect a bungee thousands of rubber bands altogether. It was at this point that Al decided he could not do the bungee jump..well he could possibly jump but no way could he walk out on that little platform..LOL

Then off we went again and called in on Arrowtown. Such a quaint little town. All old fashioned (with cobbled streets and stone buildings..very beautiful.

Finally off to Queenstown..We had looked at staying at a place we saw advertised in Wanaka, but when we got there decided it was way out of town, so we would drive around. Then we parked and visited a itag place and they recommended some nice ones (as we planned to spend 2 nights there) We then went and had a kebabb..(at the dodgiest place ever) but by this time we were starving..

We then drove around and parked and Alan and I both went in opposite directions to enquire about accommodation on the esplanade (overlooking the lake and the Remarkables (the mountains)

The lady at was lovely and gave me the keys to their 3 types of rooms. I went and found Alan and we checked them out..Naturally the first one (and the most expensive) was the best..but we took it.. It was great AND came with a laundry, remote controlled gas fire( which we had to ring up to find how it worked) heated floor in bathroom and a view..YESSo we settled in and went for a walk..grabbed some groceries and ate in that night (very tired) It was also quite chilly..

Pictures show 'puzzling world' Wanaka
The Baronneness of the landscape
A bungee jumper at AJ Hackett place
Arrowtown (how pretty)
coming into Queenstown

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Phrog said...

I like the look of Puzzle World but thats because Adele tells me i`m a nerd.