Friday, October 9, 2009

my 5 favs

Ok so I have spent heaps of time blogging about NZ and I promise to do more on the weekend..IF I feel better. After all winter long cold free..I have sucuumbed. Dam. Thinking of Del and her family this weekend with the big weekend. Love to all
1. This brings me to my number 1 fav. esp since I have been away..even Out of the country.. Family. So important. I know each one of us has things that irritate others (ok I hear some say 'not me') but yes at some stage we all drive each other mad. We get angry, frustrated, disappointed, jealous etc etc etc..but we are still family. And I treasure mine. I treasure each one of you. When we got off the plane we were so excited to be seeing Clarey..and suddenly she was there and then so was Kirsty and Natty and Charie and was wonderful.. When I get txt messages from u guys when u talk to me on FB comment on something (even Kims comment about not drowning me with a stick) yep I love hearing from you and love seeing you . Family got to love them all.. My sisters are still really important to me too and also aunts and cousins..all special..

2. Going to the beach with the 3 children. they are good funny and so love the water. Last weekend was excellent fun.. we went 5 days out of 5. Monday we merely walked on flat rock but it was awesome. Saw 3 star fish..and heaps of snails..such good fun..Mind you Molly managed yet again to fall in the deepest rock pool there was..

which brings me too

3..Molly. O my gosh she makes me laugh. Since we got home she is constatly at my side and last nights antics with the drink bottle (which I posted on FB) was hilarious.

4. Remembering. Alan and I are going through our pictures and me writting this blog has prompted us to remember so much about our wonderful holiday..Memories..have to be excellent (and I know Danny better enjoy them while they are still with me....)

5..Being well. I started suspecting I was getting this drated cold on wednesday when my ears were really blocked up..and by last night nose starting to run and really feel a bit miserable tonight. Great in time for the weekend..So yes My 5th fav is feeling well and embracing life..

Hope everyone is good..Once again Del and danny have the best ever wedding weekend.

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