Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New Zealand day 3

Our sunriseAl
The Pictures are our sunrise. The garden with whale ribs, the levee bank (shows you how much water comes through with the snow!!! and Al reading the paper where we got our coffee from
The sun hitting the snow (very early)

The little stream where the seals were going

 We awoke at sparrows and were off to explore and take pictures.  In the 23 weeks we were in NZ between us Al and I took over 10g of photos..whoopsy. We walked and walked. It was freezing but beautiful and exciting..loved every 2nd of it. Frost on the ground (v rare where I come from) then had a coffee at some little shop and home again..
then off to try and find the seals in a stream, about a 15 minute drive north of town and try some crayfish from Nims Bin.. (Al had seen this on getaway!!) Yes we did all that.

Found the seals. They were on this little stream walk..just a small sign on the main road, but one of my transplant buddies had told us about them..and so we went looking and found it and it was just wonderful. On the walk up to the waterfall 9we had been told was there) we saw seals making their way up the creek bed over rocks etc and when we finally reached the large pool (complete with waterfall) it was almost sacred, quiet (and freezing) and there were about 20 seals, chasing and frolicking in the water. They even came over to the edge to check us out when we arrived..Complete with what we started calling their "pose" head thrown carelessly back..

It was FANTASTIC.. I was videoing it and suddenly I realised other people had arrived but just silence. It was special.
We were so cold we couldn't stay any longer then the 20 min or so but its a memory that will live forever. I would LOVE to go back there.
On the way back to Kiakoura we saw more seals on the side of the road (beach) and shared a crayfish from the infamous Nims Bin..The seagulls also tried to share it with us. It was quite tasty and as we sat on the side of the road on an old picnic table, with our crayfish that had been cut in half, we felt as if we were in Heaven.

Back to a winery, (our first but not last) some shopping (Al had to buy me a new sd card) (yes Al 1g will be heaps!!!) some internet more seals and then walked up to town for a great dinner at the local tavern/pub. Al checked out more bears
A top day yet again

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