Monday, October 5, 2009

New Zealand day2

Ok so I do not know how the new uploader for blogger goes.
The photos I have uploaded are we drove out of Christchurch..just looking at the different houses etc..
Alan checking out a little place where they do bungy jumping and jet boating on the way to Hamner Springs,
At Hamner Springs
Then at kiakoura and the seals at kiakoura..

I awoke fairly early on day 2 and got up, rugged up and headed out for a walk. It was magic. Freezing but delightful. I wanted to take Al back a coffee but alas..nothing open except starbucks and i was not that desperate. I walked for about 30 mins taking in sights and everything, then headed back and we both went down to a full breakfast at the hotel. They had delighful little pots of spreads.,(and sauce , they had asked if I wanted sauce with my dinner the previous night at the Irish pub) I did manage to pocket enough of these to keep us going for our whole holiday.
We then packed up and left for our first drive out of Christchurch. we planned on going to Hamner Springs..having a bath in the hot pools and then onto Kiakoura. which is what we did.
a few stops on the way..many photos and lots of fun.
The hot pools were awesome..we did only hire 1 towel between us (bad move) but it was good. very set up with hot showers, lockers, a machine to spin dry swimmers, hair fact everything. Unfortunatly the day was fairly warm so it was not as good in the hot pools as if it was a cold day. Mind you when I say warm it may have been 16 degrees. so its really all relative.
we the drove on our very first New Zealand windy, one laned bridge road. Incredible. Luckily I drove or I would have been sooo car sick. Really windy, hilly and soo many one laned bridges, Not little ones. All sizes from really large to just small ones, but heaps of them.
We arrived in Kiakoura mid afternoon. Whta a spot. Magic. Mountains with snow and the ocean. It reminded us of what we thought a place in canada may look like..the main street with the mountains in the back ground (complete with snow) We were gob smacked. So beautiful. We booked into the "white morph" which was just lovely..first encounter with in floor heating..GREAT!! Also more bath robes. Also the most fancy spa bath I have ever seen..very nice and relaxing.

We then had an early dinner at some little cafe thingy.. and home to relax as we wwere pretty tired. Big day..

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