Saturday, October 10, 2009

New Zealand day 5

Ok Heaps of photos..really the whole day revolved around our wine tour..Alan admiring the barrells and really wanting to take some home,  The last winery of the day "nautilus" I think..I was so over it by then. Our group outside our hotel..The Allan Scott winery and the gum trees..The platter Alan and I shared for lunch..complete with green lipped mussells, olives and all the etc..Mary and Alan enjoying some Malborough wines.

This day was great. A sleep in (felt like my first one on holidays, )breakfast and then off to explore Blenheim. We walked and walked and had another 'bowl' of coffee and then walked some more. Mindful that we had to be back home by 12..we got postcards, popped into the local Salvation Army store and spoke with the manager and then shopped some more.

We were picked up on time and by the time we had picked all the crew up that were doing the wine tour our little mini bus was full. I think there were 10 of us and we set off to try the local wines..we went to 1 winery, then a boutique chocolate shop ( where we bought some divine chocolate) and then to another winery and our lunch stop.

I have enclosed the picture of the platter Alan and I shared...Divine. We shared lunch with a delightful couple Emily and Simon both from England. Emily had just finished working at Queenstown in the ski fields and Simon had come over to join her and they were on a fast forward tour of NZ. There were a few stores in this one location and I did buy some pinzels butterscotch schnapps amd butterscotch cream and 2 shot I know y they give taste tests. Needless to say this concoction did NOT make it very far..
Then it was off to 3 more wineries. Sad that really none of the wines were to my liking..but I did try them all..LOL I do beleive that I am too used to the good old australian wines..these were far too dry for me..

Our bus dropped us back at our hotel at about about 5 and then we set off on the mother of all walks into town, around town and into an internet cafe and home again. We dined in the hotel restaurant that evening. Very nice. Our room was only about 30 steps to the extrememly handy..
We were heading to the west coast the next day..more excitement to come

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