Monday, October 26, 2009

Day 8

OK OK OK I know I have been slack..Life gets in the way of blogging sometimes.

We awoke at Hokitika and walked down to the cafe that was attached to the jade factory. We had coffee at this spot yesterday and then run into the lady again at the pub last night. It seemed a fair call to go there for breakfast. Bacon n eggs and it was yum!!
Back to the Hotel, packed and on the road again. We were off to Foz Glacier. This was one of the few places we had booked accommodation. Sat and Sun night. About 2 weeks b4 we left we had an email from the B and B that we had booked into and was told they would have to cancel. I quickly looked on the net and had booked the chalet with spa and continental breakfast for $120 a night. Hoping it would be good. So off we went quite excited.

On the way to the glaciers ( we were to pass through Franz Josef Glacier first) we saw some great things. Including we stopped at a quaint little place with the hugest ever sandfly on this little rustic tourist spot. I guess it could have almost rivalled our big prawn.

At this spot we got to see a reindeer, a wild goat, Al got to eat a venison pie (they were out of possum pies) and we also bought some quaint possum products ...They also had some hillarious signs that I will post piccys of.

On the road again. More beautiful scenary..and then we spied the glacier. In the distance. First we thought it was a waterfall.. How spectacular... We stopped at the Itag place but they were shutting for lunch so we set off to the car park of the glacier and went for a walk down to to the base area where you can walk over to the glacier. The view was amazing and even though it was drizzzling we were a little in awe to see signs of where the glacier had been only 50 years ago..there fore when you read that it had gone right down to the ocean it was overwheming. A great walk and I do have a tiny rock from the glacier bed..

In the car park I saw my first Kea. A mountain parrott from NZ notorious for being Very cheeky..and often capable of destroying a car (chewing rubber off windows, wipers etc) It was then back to Franz Josef wher e we had some much needed lunch, and then off to Fox Glacier..only about 30 mins away.

We arrived at our Chalet and were pleasantly surprised at how lovely it was. The lady who was managing it was also great and I would recommend this to anyone heading to Fox Glacier.

Then it was stright out to Lake Matheson. This is a reflection lake and as it was not raining and reasonably fine we thought we should do it. We had heard so much about this lake. It was about 3.45 when we arrived and so we set off. It was a horrid walk. Long and very forresty. Not a lake walk. It had lake glimpses..which were great..but we had not been prepared for the mountain walk. I only had my work shoes on and my feet began to groan about half way around. O well we will always remember Lake Matheson. We finally finished and got back to the car about 5.30pm We were tired.

Back into Fox Glacier and a "wee" walk over to the restaurant near where we were staying and had dinner. Back for a spa, sit by the remote controlled gas fire (brillianT) and bed

The photos show this quaint place
complete with
reindeer and queer signs.
Lake Matheson,
Franz Josef Glacier, and the view
from our window in our chalet

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