Monday, March 30, 2009

The night Kimmy needed help with his car

Thought I may as well upload the pictures AJ took the other night. We had Kim and Beth over for dinner. kim's car had been out the front for 2 days (left after a drinking binge..well no not really but sounds good) so after duinner beth gets in the car and leaves and then Kim hops in his car and...nothing. No battery. So we push started it. Well tried to. We pushed it down the street and back

and whilst pushing we were aware that there were bright lights. Lightning I thought??? O No it was AJ running along behind taking pictures, Never miss an opportunity is her motio. Thought it was worth blogging the event. Not very good pictures but you do get the drift..

By the way. Jumper leads were eventually used..much more effectively..LOL


Kirsty said...

Kudos to Amy!
Great pics:)

Phrog said...

Why does the thought of Amy running along taking photo`s instead of helping not surprise me in the slightest, still I can`t say I wouldn`t be running behind taking photo`s too.