Wednesday, March 18, 2009

We're BACK!!!!!!

So it was home day today. After 10 sleeps, 1 hens party, 2 ferry rides, 68 salad sandwiches, many meals out, 2 gelatos and a wedding..we are home.
Last night Alan and I stayed at the Legends Mantra resort in Surfers..Just 1 more nght away. It was great.. robes and slippers included. I was so tempted to take the waffle weave gowns. I mean they expect you to take them..they factor it into the cost!!!! I was also tempted to take the beautiful villeroy and boch bowl that was in our holiday house. We found it at the DFO for $120...heck I mean to say no one obviously cares for it like I would. But no I restrained myself and came home an honest woman..with slippers only..
The little place we stayed was right next to the Q1 which sort of dwarfed us and we were on the 2nd top floor at 21st..
The whole time was great. Tommorrow I hope to add some phots etc.
Thanks one and all for making an effort to come and so I have had a very memorable holiday


Phrog said...

we had fun, hope you'll add the photo's to for me thanks

Kirsty said...

I am impressed that you left the bowl. VERY impressed!!! 2 gelatos?!?!? you had one without me?????