Friday, April 3, 2009

5 favs

WOW another day/ week to be happy about and to narrow it down to just 5,...gee tough call. My life has been so full of goodness that I am really not sure where to begin..
1..wet weather. Now I know that is strange but I love the wet weather. It sort of gives me poetic licence to be "lazy" you know even Molly suffers in the rain as its too wet and miserable to take her for her usual walk/meander that she gets each afternoon. I might add here though, that on occasion over the past week Molly has taken this task upon herself on several occasions and has had an awesome time. Mind you she has come home a little the worse for wear ..and have I been cross??? Heck yes!!!

2. New puppies. With the arrival of Ellie into the family it makes me remember the joy each time we have had a new puppy and how much fun they bring into your life. (mind you also stress levels, lack of sleep etc etc) but they really are such a joy. So congrats to the Tyson family of Queanbeyan on the arrival of Ellie and may you catch up with your sleep some time..good luck Danny trying to sleep during the day....

3. sleep. I know i know this rates all the time but one night through the week I had a dreadful night. The wind was fierce. It was a bit like the night that Kim wrote about on twitter..'was there a cyclone warning out that we hadn't heard about'. Gosh it was so strong and I just couldn't sleep...BUT the next night. O BABY 10 hours was priceless..

4. A clean house/tidy house. Ok so tidy more then clean..AJ has some famous ( well a local singer) coming here this arvo and as she rushed out the door this morning it was to " you will clean up" so OK it is now quite nice and tidy ( but please don't look too far)

5. Fridays. Yes I know its Saturday but I was so excited out it being Friday, that I nearly didn't go to work yesterday. I thought I would just have it off as I love Fridays so much. You know I have a plethora of leave (NOT) Yes the morning was already not that good, but it got way wose when I got half way to Alstonville (well nearly to the top of the cutting....and the realisation hit me..." no tablets taken this morning" Rats!! a quick phone call AJ still at home and so back to Ballina high. I then arrived at work half an hour late. See I really was meant to have the day off....

Thats it for this week..So what makes you happy? What this week has bought a smile to your face or peace at least in your soul?? tell me about it I really would love to hear from you.
I could add here that I so know what my next weeks will be..EASTER...5 days off heck will that rate? O I think so


Kirsty said...

Oh mum you are great...tidying up for your daughter!!!

Love your faves this week:)

Phrog said...

I would have met her at the door in boxers, covered in grease, smoking, you see where i`m going?

No, good on you, It`s easy to sleep during the day when you`re exhausted and you have ear plugs :), can`t wait for her to be old enough to take for walks now

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