Friday, March 27, 2009

My 5 favs

Ok so this week my five favs would have to be
* the weekend..friday nights and fish n chips or as we had tonight chip sandwiches YUM
* My family. We have had a down sort of week and I have realised that the saying that blood is thicker then wateris so true. You guys rock
* Clare and Shanes wedding photos. I saw Kelly has added another 12..just amazing I am loving them
*Coool nights. The last few nights have got down to about 14 and loving snuggling under the blankie.
* Rain on the weekends when you are happy to veg all weekend. I am listening to it now and hoping it continues...
Thats it for tonight. The good news is I made it on a Friday


Kirsty said...

I love love love rainy weekends!!! Sadly, as always up here, its sunny and hot *sigh*

Phrog said...

It hasn't even gotten that cold here yet. I wish it would, I love snuggling under the blankets in my cocoon. Good Work for making it on a Friday.