Sunday, March 29, 2009

Earth Hour

So last night we decided to be proactive and participate in Earth Hour. So we had our spa early...Got all the candles ready..then as the hour approached I txted all my children..Of which 2 replied (out of 5!) turned off the telly and SAT!!! I was BORED BORED BORED!!! so after 1/2 an hour Al and I both used the laptops..well it was battery operated (i know not in the spirit of the thing,,and then AJ came home.
Now up to that point we were feeling pretty cool. We had gone outside and realised that quite a few of our fellow neighbours were not participating and good christian that I am I didn't go egg their houses but I did think bad thoughts like "well how hard can it be to participate...)
SDo when Aj came home she discovered that we had not only left my computer on, BUT the light on in our bedroom ( we had the door shut) Also I do beleive that the washing machine and dishwasher were on....WHOOPS I think we failed.
Next year we are going on a picnic...and turn everything off before we go...


Kirsty said...

I spent the whole hour running around trying to turn off the lights that Michael turned on to try and counteract everyone else's goodness...*sigh*

Phrog said...

I slept :), was a great earth hour can we do it again soon?