Thursday, March 5, 2009

My new shoes AND I am on holidays

The black part is actually reflective silver..very stylish
check out the jewels

ar beautiful

Well I feel I need to put a lot more effort into blogging these shoes then usual. These are my wedding shoes to go with my incredible dress. They are very special...I saved so much ($140) I mean they were 40% off...I almost made money on them. They were frightfully expensive but they are the shoe I had to have... They are awesome. They are a french shoe made with vericulum ( or pvc if you aren't sure of the word) but WOW.... They are pretty amazing. Everything else just didn't match my beautiful husband did buy them for me...

Yes so today and last night I had like a bit of a " moment" and decided I possibly needed to be home tomorrow..things to do people to see places to go I have made up 4 hours this week so only needed to take 3 hours leave tomorrow...So yes Danny boy I too am on holidays. So excited...

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