Monday, March 23, 2009

A day of overwhelmness...(is that a word)

Today has been a bit rough. Our family semms to be really struggling at the moment. It seems like we just can not get ahead. I know prayer works,. I know that God does not kleave us or forsake us, but sometimes when its really rough going, its finding Jesus in the midst of it. In the past 24 hours.. I know that 4 family members have confided re difficulties ( Ok so I am one of them) and I know that others are struggling, whether financially, healthwise, or what ever. So I decided to really pray this week. Not the usual 3 minutes here and there..and guess what its gotten way worse. OK OK OK I can hear all the people out there ready to jump down on me..but I do trust God. If people haven't seen that in me in the past 10 years and the journey I have had to walk, well I am sorry I couldn't have been stonger for you or that my faith didn't shine brightly enough. Having faith and loving God, doesn't mean it will be just means that I know in the end, no matter what is happening to me and our family God is in control...

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