Sunday, June 8, 2008

Port Macquarie

Here are the SMURFS..having a smurfing good time
Here are the sister of them has stopped being smurfy..but deep down still is
Here are some people dressed up in 80's gear ..recognise uncle Ian?
Bob Marley or Tim??
Its Bananarama..
Alan as grumpy smurf
Mary as scary smurf
Here we are waiting for a taxi and scaring all the local residents. "darling you won't beleive what I saw on my way home from the club tonight"
Aunty Anne ( in the dress she wore to Tim and Becks wedding in 1990 and Uncle Ian as a bogan
Catherine (obscured, Jason, Emily, and George Michael (whoops) Pat!!

OK these are some snaps from our very brief trip to Port Macquarie for Nephew Tims 40th...When the heck did he get so old!!!!!

It was a great night and I did have just a few drinks!!!

Everyone was in the mood...except for a few!!

Al and I stayed in a dodgy motel..see attached photo of bathroom.

The night was great, the brunch delicious. Many thanks to mthe Olsens for putting on such a great doo!!!

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