Saturday, June 28, 2008

My very amazing Grandchildren

Here are my wonderful grandchildren. I miss them so much I was so excited to read that the girls got such beautiful reports. I was SO thrilled. Also to read about and see that Sammy can go down the fireman pole all by himself. WOW. So clever. Its probably cause his Dad is a fireman.I have THE most amazing, brilliant grandchildren in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!!!

Here is a couple of the brilliant, gorgeous children that are MY grandchildren. I love them so much I could squeeze them tight.....

I was just talking To Kirsty and she tells me Nat is coming to visit by POST>> Gosh I am so excited. I am not sure if she will have a very comfy trip.I hope she has enough food and water and I also hope her Mum and Dad put a litter tray in for her. I am outside waiting for her already so I don't miss her. How exciting. We will go to Sheeleys and watch for whales

1 comment:

kirstypiper said...

Mum was only joking i love you
but i realy want to go to your
house i miss you so much
Love Natalie