Saturday, June 28, 2008

I've been tagged (what it means I am not sure!!)

Ten Years Ago..

gosh 10 years ago we were in Canberra planning Kirstys wedding..I wasn't woeking. Dan was away from home, Clare was in year 12 (a little stressful) AJ in yr 9 and Kim in yr 7. A very busy year...It was also the year Alans Dad died and made us rethink our life.

Five things on todays to do list

Like Kirsty today is almost over so I'll do tomorrow. I am very good at doing things tomorrow\. I love the quote why do today what you can put off till tomorrow. I beleive I live by that.
OK will be high tomorrow

2..lunch at the shawsy with Howie and Lara and family

3..Have a nap ( if I can fit it in) a necessity for Sunday

4..Washing in and out!!!!

5..Wash Stinky Molly (that is a weekly task as she is now an indoor dog)

Snacks I enjoy.

Yes the list would be snacks I don't enjoy. Chips (really bad) bananas (from when I couldn't eat them) Chocolate (bad again) strawberries, dips and camembert cheese (all cheeses really just not the mouldy ones)

Things I would do if I were a millionaire.

quit work ( o yeah) travel, buy enough houses to have all my children within an 5 minute drive. Buy Al a swish motor bike, get a holiday house for us and pay the church building off...the list goes on and on

Places I have lived.

Manilla (nsw)
Old Bar
Skennars Head

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kirstypiper said...

Yay Mumsy! Thats exactly what being tagged is!