Thursday, June 5, 2008

Exactly how long has it been???

Lunch on Thursday at some tea gardens in the Dandenongs
Me looking amazing with my stole
Hely and I on our way to "steerage"
Hely and Jodi celebrating
Lisa, Emily and Jodi

Our weekend to Melbourne was amazing..The conference refreshing and informative, the Titanic wonderful and the shopping brilliant.

I have over 200 photos so will pop a couple on my blog..our weekend in Melbourne snaps..If I am in a shawl it was the titanic.. I looked stunning mind you,. I think everyone thought I was serious though as noone got dressed up !!!! Whoopsy.

My Day today was pretty bad. Some man wrote a complaint..mind you he couldn't complain in persom as the dick head !!! (excuse me) has taken a vow of silence..only another 33 days till he can talk. Said I was Youg Jodi at work who is only 19 calls me " scary Mary" now!!!

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