Saturday, June 21, 2008

Buddys holiday at Ginnys and Poppys

Molly and Buddy seem to play most of the time. There are different games they play and the way they get each others interest is different but always ends the same..running and rolling and lots of growling
This is the stand off!!! No I am not interested!!! This lasts about 10 seconds
Buddy was not sure about the outside tied up thing. Molly was loving it and Buddy spent a lot of the time sitting at the front door and just thinking!! But every now and then broke out!!
Now its a case of which dog is which. They look so similar at times its scary
But the day ended well. Both exhausted and both happy to curl up on Poppys lap!! Note Molly still has her bear. Buddy was playing the bear game earlier in the night though. Quite funny really

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kirstypiper said...

Oh so cute!!! You need to get another doggy I think!