Thursday, June 19, 2008


OK This is a photo given to me by Shannon and Steve Eggins taken at their wedding about 5 weeks ago. I love the happy smile and face. I hate my thick neck..ya de ya de ya..We are never happy with ourselves but I love that I look truly happy. Thought I would Share it with you.
OK its Thursday. That means I have shared my 5 thurs favs.. thinking of changing it to three thursday things..not as catchy though hey!!!
AJ has gone up the coast to meet with Clare and bring little buddy back for the weekend. Clare and Shane are off to Canberra this weekend. It happened VERY quickly.
I am sure there will be photo opportunities for me this weekend..

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kirstypiper said...

Love you mummy. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a really truly copy of that photo :-)

I miss you guys soooooo much. Mick is really struggling am I. We really need some prayers thrown our way.please.