Saturday, August 1, 2009

Tex's funeral and the rest of my week

This week has been an amazing week..It started off normal but went into a full speed ahead week...

Helens father in law tex died last week. and as I love Helly and Gazz and Stace and nath so much I wanted to be able to be there for them, at the funeral. As you can imagine as the funeral was in Newcastle..a mere 650 kms away that was where the week started gathering speed.

I organised to arrive inTuncurry on Sun, travel down with Annie (my sister who libves inTuncurry)and Rod (my brother in law who lives in Foster) on the monday for the funeral.

So Sunday morning I set off, with Collen Mcculloch and her book 'Angel Puss' for company. Enroute I also had 2 amazing hours with my friend Eleanor at the service centre in Taree. It was a great time and I loved every second spent with Eleanor. Found out that Emma has just (2 weeks ago) had a baby girl 8lb Amellia. It was included

WOW not such a crash hot picture..but we were in the midst of all these tourists and it was a wee embarressing taking a piccy

So I finally arrived at Tuncurry at about 6 ish and Suey and Rod were there too for dinner. Sue had swine flu..well she was unwell. It was a great night..

The next day it was off to Newcastle. Rod drove, Annies car and I sat in the back. Annie SLEPT in the front, but Rod and I chatted and had the best time. Its been a long time since Roddy and I spent time together. It was fun. We had a quick stop at Hexam Maccas..long time since I been there. i remember that it was here that I had my first ever caramel sundae on the way home from a NMAA (breastfeeding Aust) conference. Funny memories.

We then headed off to find the chapel, complete with Daisy (our nabman/person)..However when we still had 600 m's to go..I saw the chapel up a side street with helly out front. Such technology..

Anyway after a few shifty moves. that daisy was not impressed with we got there.

The funeral was so sad. sad for all the families. Tex ( his real name was Cecil cooksley..YIKES!!) was obviouslyvery ,loved. The service was so beautiful. Slides, poems and memories.. FYI Nathan is the dead spit of Tex when he was young..

. After the service, Gazz, Pat and a few others went to the crematorium, but Rod and Annie and I headed off to the place where the afternoon tea was.. followed by Stace and Helly and co.. yep Rod lost them. He 'forgot' they were following him. When I asked how did he loose them..he replied..'um could have been the orange light I went through!!!' Funny guy.. Anyway they did catch up. The afternoon tea was included. Sandwichwes, hot food, and tea coffee, cool drinks and cakes.

We headed off back to Tuncurry and made it home in good time. again Rod driving, Annie sleeping in the front seat and me chatting in the back. Rod then showed me his games he is making. I am telling know I so want one

This is Annie and Ians spa. very similar to ours, but they have it under cover and watch tv instead of the stars...

this is his site and the game I want. He tells me he will sell it at cost, What that is I am not sure. I am investing in my children and grandchildrens future her...yep I am.

So then it was a quiet night and up early and back on the road home to Ballina for something new on Tuesday..long trip but so worth it. I came home buzzing..loved it. And loved being there for Helly and Gazz and loved catching up with my Brotherin law Rod who is really like a brother to him heaps.

Thanks Annie and Ian for being so hospitable. U were awesome.

So that was it, Back to work and etc etc etc..

It was Mollys birthday on Wednesday and she loved her presents she got..a new plastic stick for the beach.. a dog toy that barks and a new ball..

So my 5 favs this week..would be

1...Catching up with Rod. It was so great loved it

2. Catching up with my friend Eleanor. She tells me they are organising a family group reunion. Should be fun.....

3..Clare intriduced me to Nova Moscato white spritzer wine..YUM..

4..My new KRudd insulation. We have had 5 degree nights and our house stays at about 18 degrees..without heating.. O YEAH!!!

5.. My bed. Yep while at the Evans the bed was a tad hard for me, so to come home to my bed was Heaven..It was so good..

Yep so that is it for this week..a bit of a loooong one. Hope u enjoyed it. I am also veruy excited as I have wotked out how to have a sale on Yovile..I know I am shallow..

Hope u all have a good week

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Kirsty said...

Wow mum what a week! Sounds like a heap of fun!!!