Friday, August 28, 2009

just a 5 favs

OK so excitement reigns supreme in our house tonight. Well in my brain it certainly does. I can not beleive that after all the planning..all the book reading..all the net surfing..all the everything 1 week right now and we will be being driven to Brisbane by Kim Tyson inc chauffeurs...and then 1 week tomorrow we will be in New my 5 favs this week will have to be
1..New Zealand
2.. New Zealand
3..Land of the long white cloud
5 South Island Of New Zealand

O my gosh. I feel like it is so long since I have really been excited about something. I am just buzzing. This weekend will be busy getting organised. Lawns to mow, washing (so we can pack everthing) house to to wash and clip all the boring things but rerally exciting cause we are going OVERSEAS!!!!! Yep OVERSEAS...I Mary Tyson who has never stepped out of this beautiful country is finally going to spread her wings..well sort of. I just thank God we can do this..

Have I mentioned I am excited?????
I hope to keep in touch via Facebook and Ginnysspot keep tuned..Love you all..all my fans The myriad I have..Miss my presence..

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Phrog said...

What??? You`re going to New Zealand, well don`t I feel like a mushroom, exactly when did this come about?? I`m shocked that you would go overseas without your favourite son, I will be ready, packed ready for pickup on Saturday morning and lets not say a thing more about it.