Friday, August 21, 2009

5 favs this week and Naturally our NEW ZEALAND holiday

YAY 2 weeks and we will be in Christchurch and probably out at dinner wining and dining.

We are sooo excited. Really getting into the whole excitement thing now. I just can not imagine being in another country. Well OK NZ is not REALLY another country ...but it is to us..

So the update on our trip is.. We fly into Christchurch at 3pm (1pm Australian time!!!!) We will pick up our rental car from the airport and we are booked into the Millenium hotel Christchurch..check it out Quite nice. Al chose it..

So Sunday we head off to Hamer Springs which has thermal pools. Not sure whether we will stay there or on to kiakora... After these stops its off to the wine country..the the following weekend we are booked into where we will have 2 days and nights exploring fox and franz Josef Glaciers. Thwe following weekend we are booked onto the that is all we have planned.

We r pretty stoked about it and I know its going to be a real blessing this time. A time of refreshment, time of joy and a time just having fun.

Ok so my 5 favs this week
1..again my iphone. Lovin it sick. I must admit the only thing I really hate (and Dan warned me) is the lack of ringtones. Only through ITUnes and I hate that..
2.. Feeling well. This week I have felt well. Last week I just thought I was lazy but now know I really wasn't well..but soldiered on. Comes from my Mum telling me you aren't sick if u haven't got a apologies to my own children. I here by give you pwermission to be sick without a temp...
3.. Al not having to have his mask.. Yes at great expense we have learnt to nose breathe (plus a bit more) and Al is sleeping relatively snore free..
4.. Our book week display. Yep we (Jodie and I and a few others ) have done an awesome job decorating Lismore Library..It has been fun..
5.. Kimmy and Bethy popping in. The last 2 saturdays Kimmy n Bethy have popped in. So nice to see them and lovely to catch up with them..
Thats it from me this week.
Just to let you know I will have my mobile with me OS but PLEASE NO RINGING..too costly..however txt as much as you like, cheap as ,,we will be contactible at various times and if you need us txt and we will ring you..Love to all..


danndel said...

NZ so does count as another country I have very jealous!!! I want to know about your breathing technics I want to try them on Daniel!!

danndel said...
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Phrog said...

Don`t tell the wife anything, I ain`t sleeping with Tape on my mouth. Oh and we could jailbreak your iPhone, makes it alot more userfriendly