Thursday, July 23, 2009

o hum..5 favs

My fabulous fives this week are going to be straight forward. I have decided that Kirsty is really the only one reading them. Even after my plea last week . 1 comment only. From Kirsty. So really ??????
1. Finished working 5 days a week. I had a time when I was only working 3 days and then the past 3 weeks I have worked 5 days a week. So from this weekend I am back to 4 days a week..but note only 4.. YES that makes me happy..
2. Holiday activities I have done at Lismore Library. Yep its been intensive but good. Sock puppets today and knitting last Tuesday. Great to see the fun the kids have.

Yep weird looking kids..but check out the sock puppets they created awesome
3 Mollys new hoodie. Very cute.

4. Sort of rolls on from 1. Being at home and having time to do anything I want...or not want. O YES!!
5. Having Aj home again. She has been away for nearly 2 weeks.. (well sort of,,off and on) but lovely to have her smiley face back again..
Thats it for this week...hope u enjoyed reading them Kirsty...


Kirsty said...

I LOVE reading them mumsy!!!! Cool sock puppets!

AJ said...

i am cool

that is all

Phrog said...

Loving the sock puppets, I knew there was a use for all those spare socks. Your dog is looking stunning in her hoodie

danndel said...

Hey I read your faves every week, I am just slack at commenting sorry :)