Thursday, August 6, 2009

5 favs

Well this week i have just been running under par..but as everyone else around me seems to be way sick..I do not think I will complain.

I have also been putting together a trivia challenge for C3 Ballina to be held tomorrow night and I do not think that rates as one of my favs...So hard to try and have reasonably easy, fun with a sprinkling of hard questions. I have read soo much trivia on the internet..amazing!!!

OK my favs this week

1..our holiday. Yep 4 weeks tomorrow till we are winging our way out of the country to New Zealand. Hope for every rare person that has never gone OS when they are 52. I am stoked..and even more so as now we have paid extra and changed our outgoing flight to 9.35am Sat and arriving in Christchurch at 3.30 pm..much more civilized then arriving at midnight which was our original time.. YAY so for all those years on dialysis when I could not go away or only for 2-3 days and or book into centres I am going away for 3 weeks..yep 21 days away..and I am going to drink till the cows come home..

2. um Alans love of his camera nad the session he attends each month. Each month has a theme and this months was collections. He did Molly and her collection of toys and coats, collection of rubbish bags at work, shelves of glasses etc at work and also more stuff at work. He comes home so excited and so happy it is good to see..

3. Loving Janet Evanovich's new book 'finger lickin fifteen'. O my gosh I laugh so much reading it. Mind you it is taking me forever cause when I start to read I get so tired but she is such a clever author. I think it helps thta I have listened to her books on TBCD with Loreli King reading..and her voice and the way she portrays Lula is fantastic... Yep very funny. Reccomend for a good light read.

4. Finishing doing the 72 plus questions for the Ballina Trivia night. I just spent all day in front of the computer doing them and I was just a little over it..but I ma looking forward to the night. Its on tomorrow night. Should be good fun...

5..So number 5 would have to be my new dressing gown. Yep it is sooo soft and warm and love putting it on each night..its pink (shock horror) and I got it in Coffs at Sussans when I was awy. Love it.

Thats my favs look forward to reading ALL your comments...come on Danny write something for me PLEASE


Phrog said...

What are you bringing me back from Duty Free, i`d love some smokes :) willing to start smoking again.

Good Luck with the trivia night tomorrow night, well tonight as its now past midnight here, damn cricket. How many loaded questions you got about Breast Feeding in there? Famous Five? Three Amigos?

Alrighty, how`s that for a comment?

Kirsty said...

Oooooh good point Danny! Definitely Duty Free gifts for know me mumsy, I just want perfume (sorry not prepared to become a smoker LOL)
So exciting for you mumsy! You will have SUCH a great time (I hope!)
I love you:)
Glad dad is loving his camera. I officially own mine now:)