Saturday, August 15, 2009


OK so this week has been busy and full of stuff

Number 1...My new iphone. O my gosh I love it. It was a tough call as to what I should get..but now I love all the gadgets. I love the games, the graphics, the look..etc etc. What I don't love is the lack of reception where i live and its way worse with my new phone...learning heaps. Kimmy has shown me so much..and danny was a great sounding board. AJ has also gone to the 'darkside' and gotten one is cool..

Number 2.. My new sunnies. Yep I got new multi focal..polarised sunnies. Have not had sunnies since I had my transplant as since then I have had to weaqr glasses and couldn't afford them. They cost a small fortune..but so worth it. there was a time when I was never without sunnies so I am stoked that i have them again..They are CK (Calvin Klein) so I am cool that is for sure.

Number 3,,,Spas. O my gosh lovin them sick in the cold weather. You get in and it is so beautiful and get cold it so much, We have spent lots of time in the spa in winter..

Number 4.. Planning our OS trip. We booked an overnight cruise on mILFORD SOUND THE OTHER DAY,,AND ALSO OUR RENTAL CAR,,iTS ALL HAPPENING AND lOVE CHATTING ABOUT IT..PLANNING..whoops didn't mean to shout at you..but then I am pretty excited. 3 weeks tonight we will be in Christchurch.

Number 5,, Being MC at the trivia nite last week. I was so meant to be an mC..wrong body though to make it in the real world..but I loved doing it last Saturday...I would love more opportunity to do that sort of thing...

hats it for my week..I had a week of tiredness and not feeling quite right..but I also got my passport,,my sunnies and my all that was good..but sad when heard of baby Nat. Our prayers are with Gemma and her husband and of course for baby Nat..

Hope u all had a good week and yet again ask that you kleave a message and I can visit your blogs too..that would be cool..


danndel said...

Hey Mary, love your faves and love hearing about you trip, so excited for you!!!

Thank you again for your thoughts and prayers for Natalie and Gem and Sam, they know that you are praying for them and really, really appreciate it and so do I xx

Kirsty said...

Oooooh can't wait to hear all about the trip! Slide show night!
Congrats on the i-phone!!!

Phrog said...

Still not quitting on Al Naked bungee jumping yet with a caveat we DON`T want photo`s of it. I would like some pics from some Lord Of The Rings stuff