Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter and us and Rosies new cage

So our friend Clairabelle went to Canberra over easter ( I was going to go but couldn't get Thursday off) and she dropped her recumbent bike in for AJ to use while she was away. She is so kind. This I might add is the bike she is riding accross Australia next year to raise money for beyond bue and I am going as her support vehicle driver. O yes good a few quick trips around the block by AJ, Kim and Al ..I refused as I thought it may break. Kim told me I wasn't allowed to blog his picture and I really did consider not using his picture but then i thought Nah..

So AJ and Al and I have spent our fair share of time on the net..AJ and Friends on the Wii yesterday and I as well. I must say I am so not improoving. I went from a wii fit age of 35 yesterday to 54 today. Must be a bad day today or was it an exceptional day today!!!

Al and I are off to the movies to see the pink panther. Should be good

I have blogged Rosies new cage. she is loving it I beleive. Mind you sweet princess is feeling a little out of sorts..O well that happens

Really how cool is her new cage. Its a REAL bird cage


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Kirsty said...

Wow! Cool cage..its like a palace!

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