Friday, April 24, 2009

my 5 favs

ok quick and sweet and short

1. as much as I love AJ its been so nice just to be Al and e this week. We have had take out, toast, soup etc for dinner and its just been great. Still love ya AJ and I notice you also made it onto Kirstys 5 favs for a different reason..LOL

2. Spas now it is getting colder. O man its like getting into a really warm bath. ITs wonderful. Mind you a bit fresh getting out but great in.

3. Following on from Dels fav is Molly and her welcomes..they are to die for. The other night when I got home she was so happy to see me, but I was busy talkng to Al so she just jumped up onto the dining chair and then onto the table and put her head in my hands..very cute.

4. Fridays. I just love them ..soooo much

5. Coffee. This week Al and I have played tag making plunger coffee in the morning and taking it to work in thermos cups. So good and what a way to start the day...

Ok thats me for this week. 2 blogs in less then 4 hours..some miricle!!!!

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