Thursday, April 30, 2009

another week and another 5 favs

Yes its come around ever so quickly. My life just seems to be flying past. I can not beleive that we have been here in Ballina for 10 years in June!!!! WOW seems like just yesterday we were in canberra and trying ever so hard to get out of the place..
Now my 5 favs this week...

1..Going out with my husband. We went out last Friday night to the rsl club, had dinner, played the pokies, badly then watched and listened to one of my dads from storytime singing. He was good and the night excellent. Good times.

2. Then Sunday morning a beautiful sunny morning we went out for breakfast. It was divine. We both had 2 coffees, overlooking Lennox Head beach and simply basked in the morning. It was fun. Loved it. We both had delicious breakfasts and just relished the time together.

3 This week the sun would have to rate. Blue skies O yes. They are gone again today but after 66 days of rain it was so nice to have the sun.

4 This really goes hand in hand with the above one. The weather in Autumn in Ballina. Awesome (when its fine) beautiful warm days around 24-25 degrees and lovely and cool at night. maybe 10-14 degrees. Can snuggle under with a blankie. O its wonderful. Not stinking hot, not oppresive just amazing. Love it.

5. Having AJ home. It was great to have her away for a while but it is great to have her home. she makes me smile and cares about her Mum. Its really great to have her back

So thats it for me this week. What made you smile, What bought a moment of joy to your life this past 7 days..give it a go. Its great for the soul

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Kirsty said...

Love the weather here too atm! Sooo wonderful :)