Friday, April 10, 2009

My Friday faves

OK so I am squeezing them in with 35 mins to spare. You may ask what the heck are you doing up soo late.. well as it was a public holiday today I did sueeze in a nap. O YES!!!
OK so to my 5 favs

1.. This week my number 1-5 could well be my brand new kevin rudd memorisl WII and WII FIT.. Well as ol Kev hasn't come through yet its really the Marys Mastercard WII and WII fit..but for future reference it will be hence forth known as Big Kevs..I have loved it. I spent 25 mins on it today and has been already the cause for much fun, laughter and family entertainment. Its the best thing ever.. at the moment.

2..Definitly 5 day long weekends. O Yes I ould hardly wait this week. I was stoked and today has been excellent.

3..Family time.. today we had Kimmy over for a few hours. So much fun and laughs. It was great. Relaxing etc. I did nearly throw the tennis WII racket through my large screen tv which would not have been pretty..

4.. My husband going out with the Boys..well Over to Kimmys and some guys from the church to have a boys footy night. Beer, pizza and footy. Love to see him relaxing.

5..Blue skies..well clear cool nights. We have had so much rain (and last week it was one of my fas..) but you do really get over it and tonight is a clear beautiful night..

Anyways thats it for this week. Will try and blog through the week..My lack of contact with the outside worrld is frustrating but on the other hand quite nice..

'To all have a great Easter and enjoy yourselves..I have had 3 hot x buns and feel like a pig..but the mocha from Bakers delight is to die for..YUM

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