Thursday, February 19, 2009


OK so thought as our exciting holiday looms ever so close...I should get out some details. Don't forget to book your red cat ferry tickets with the number SS000155 and your car rego This gives you a 10% discount.

Alan and I and Dan n Del are heading over around 12 noon on Sunday 8th March.
All linen needs to be taken. There are 3 bedrooms with queen size beds ( Alan and I bags one!) and one with 2 single beds, and 1 with 1 single bed. So whoever bags the other 2 queen size beds gets them and needs to bring a set of queen sheets.
Each person will also need to bring towels for themselves and a bathmat for their ensuite..(well 2 couples + Al and I)

The balance that needs to be paid to Al as soon as possible is $300. We are happy to pay the majority as we are covering Clare and AJ, neither of which will be there for the whole time.
When is everyone else coming over??

I think thats it. O also hoping Kimmy and Bethy may bring some games with them. If anyone else thinks of anything please let us know. So excited about the holiday, the hens night AND the wedding. All I need now is a nice "FROCK"

This week has been a pretty rough week for me. Sorry for laying a little low..if anyone had noticed! If not then its all good. I am having today (friday) off work just to help.. I can't quite come up with five favs but hey I am excited about all the above AND our New Zealand holiday..


danndel said...

Hey we so shot gun one the rooms with a Queen size bed and ensuite too :)

Phrog said...

yeah, just remember I scare small children :)

Kirsty said...

Woohoo! Sounds exciting!