Sunday, February 22, 2009

My post for a desperate Danny

OK so I am home and o so tired..slept for about 3 hours last night. For some reason I was WIDE awake!!! No reason just was totally wired..Why I ask myself did I not get up and do something constructive with all that energy..but nOOOO lay in bed and worried about the little ammount of sleep I would have..go figure!!1
Yes we got Katherine and Jasons invite today..
1...No we aren't going. Alan has no leave and I sure as heck wouldn't spend our New Zealand Holiday money on that trip for me alone.

2..No I am not going to the engagement party as it is easter and I have a few things already to do...and I am going to Sydney later in April..

3.. YES I would go if we hadknown about it and saved and had storted my holidays (well Al too) I am a bit disappointed in the wedding as I am guessing this is the first i will have missed EVER..
I am sure it will be wonderful but not without me there of course..

Yes our NZ holiday is very exciting. We fly out late on Saturday night the 5th September and back into Brisvegas 3 weeks later early in the Sat AM..we are looking at driving around the South Island only.. It will be a little fresh I beleive but hey I live ina hot climate it will be something nice...different..uneewsual....LOL

Will keep you posted I just hope the exchange rate stays as good as it is or better..


Kirsty said...

If you have any spare $$ buy some NZD now!

Sounds fabulous mumsy, hope your day was good and that the blood test went okay. I hate when I can't sleep, but the experts think that staying in bed is the best thing, your body is still getting rest:)

Phrog said...

I hear you on the can`t sleep thing, i`m getting used to that now though

Phrog said...

Hey Mary, what you been up to this week, I`m bored with this blog now.