Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Birthday to my beloved

Well today has been wonderful. Thanks to Danny and Del, organising all of us, Alan got one thing that he has wanted for a long time..his own laptop. He was soo excited and has spent all day fiddling with it. It was a delight to see him just so happy.
Thanks to all of our beautiful children for poolinf in to give Alan something so wonderful. He felt very special and very spoilt, as he knows that each one of you struggle with finances, especially with our big wedding/holiday coming up. So I just wanted to say thank you from me to each one of you for the joy it has given the man I love.

So AJ, Alan and myself went to coffee club for morning tea. Alan lashed out and had poached eggs, bacon and turkish toast with a great pesto creamy sauce..very bad but hey, it wasn't sso bad. (he had a shake for breakfast and lunch..) I think that was a snack!! I had a muffin (it is allowed on our maintainence plan) It was so nice, so "normal".

Then it was home to Kimmy and Bethy visiting, watching a couple of movies and Alan playing with his new toy.

We bought some steaks for tea and that will be it for another birthday for Alan. It has been a joy to see him so happy.

The cricket yeasterday..even though it was wet, and his great day today
He also loved the beautiful stubby holder Kirsty and Mick and the kids sent..complete with their picture on it. She is so talented my daughter.

OK so the search for the wedding dress has started in earnest now. I have been hoping to lose about another 5kg but hey going to have to go as one has even noticed my loss yet which is a bit sad.
If I am well tomorrow we will go to Pac fair and then pick Buddy up..heres hoping

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Kirsty said...

Love these pictures:) Its good to know he loved his gift!

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