Thursday, February 5, 2009

Just some random thoughts..and my Transplant anniversary

So.....this week has been a fairly slow one for me..home again and no well. Sometimes the glory of being home alone is overshadowed by the 'not well' part. Yep I look around and see my mess and think I would love to do that..I see stuff and feel so guilty..

As I have been home alone...(name for a movie maybe) I have realised how fast my life is just Racing by..I can't say slipping away as it is galloping at an extraordinary rate.. so really who cares about dust grime etc

In a few weeks I will be 52..when did I get to be that number..I can't sy old as I really only feel about 40..OK so maybe I am old but gosh.

I feel the past 10 years have gone in a blink of an eye.

It is 4 years on Tuesday since I had my kidney transplant. I praise God for his blessings on me during this time.. Those few years before and after were such a harsh reality for me and now are just a blur..I remember trying so hard to keep fear at bay, of feeling so alone, that life went on for others but life for me was just so hard.. Yes it was areally hard time and the time post transpplant was not so good either..for a while.. but now 4 years down the track Its a part of my past that I hope stays in my past..
So I found some old pictures I thought worthy of a revisit from around that time

yep..not the worst photo

Love the purple gown..and still txting

before I swelled up..


Sam only about 5 months old and Kimmy about 18 years old

Danny and Kimmy

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Kirsty said...

I remember that awful and stressful it was for US...can't even imagine how it must have been for you. I am SO thankful you have a kidney. SO thankful.

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