Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Alan the "media tart"

OK so the story goes over the Australia day weekend this HUGE pile of rubbish appeared

at the back of Alans shop. Alan felt that it was councils responsibility to clean it up and the counci did NOT feel this at all. And so the battle commenced with the final call being Alan 1 ...Ballina council 0...yep my amazing husband did it. He got council to do it.

It did take many phone calls, many txts and finally a call to the Advocate...(the local free paper) who then rang the council and within like 1 hour they were there..but yep he won...3 truckloads later..It was once again junk go Alan.

So I am at home unwell yet again.. yesterday I drove to work and turned around and came home again..AND SLEPT for hours..

Last night we had dinner with the younger Tysons..a very enjoyable night. Mind youAlan is NOT so hot at playing Cranium..I am good at some things and terrible at others..

Love to all you fans...and roll on the cooler weather


Kirsty said...

Go alan, go alan!!!

I feel crappy too mumsy. I just wanna go to bed:(

Phrog said...
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Phrog said...

Yaaaay, about the rubbish removal that is not the bad at cranium