Monday, February 9, 2009

OK I am sick of it...

OK I am really sick of feeling sick..Its now nearly 2 weeks and I am over it..Just having a whinge!! I have had time off...slept..rested..etc etc and syill feel sick. I have had high potassium (at dangerous levels????) now its ok but my creatinine is high( dehydrated mayde from being sick) more blood tests thursday.... O MY gosh I am really sick of it.
I have decided that I would prefer to just get sick (really sick for a day or 2) and then get better...not this O I feel sick, o my arms and legs ache when I move them, o I am so tired..enough!!!

OK I feel a little better now. AJ is home sick and her world has collapsed around her. She has a little 'nest' in the lounge room and whinges often..she is NOT a good patient. Alan couldn't sleep last night and he went out to the lounge room and turned on the light and "AARRGGHH" AJ was asleep (not for very long. There naturally was a bit of abuse being swung bad those two together.

4 years tomorrow till my anniversary. Can't but help to think of the family of the woman who gave me new life. They must be so sad at this you all

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Phrog said...

As it`s now Tuesday : HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, I remember a 12 hour drive to Ballina, before a couple of hours sleep and then off to Brisbane. But it was worth it, well for us it was, I`ll leave Mary to decide.