Thursday, July 10, 2008

whoops its been so long

I've had a busy week and so I have neglected my blog. My poor grandchildren will be missing me and not to mention I will have Danny nagging me...

Kirsty I was devastated to read about Jackis daughter. Our prayers are with them all. What a horrific thing to happen to anyone

This week has been surreal as Alan has put his resignation in and then to see it come over the library mail and then see it being advertised I am guessing we are not sure about anything but I know that Alan needs to be happy and he sure as heck wasn't happy at Byron Library

My 5 favs for this ,week would have to be..
1 planning for a holiday. We are hoping to have a week away after Clares engagement party (and no not to Canberra. We want top be warm)
2 being alone at home as AJ is away
3. My winter pjs so warm and comfy
4 also naturally my reverse cycle airconditioniong so toasty and warm
5 going out for dinner which Al and I did this week great fun

So to my beautiful grandchildren just 1 week and 1 day till I see you. That is so exciting. We will have fun at Clares Party. What party food would you like Ginny to buy as a special platter for the 3 of you. If you tell Ginny I will have a platter JUST for you to enjoy...
I love you all


kirstypiper said...

dear Ginny could you please get us some plain chips lollies and some fredoe frogs. we are so exsited about the party and seeeing yuo from nat charli and sam (but nat tiped)

Phrog said...

I`m bored with this blog entry now, can I request a new one??