Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hello from Hervet Bay....

Ok so the story of 1770..Agnes Water goes like this. We arrived late on Sunday night , about 7pm we booked in to our very flash modern had no curtains..very modern 1 lounge chair for 2 and an outdoor setting, OUTSIDE!!! AND freezing cold tiles on the floor. The shower was great and modern too. No shower screen so the first shower Al had,,,well lets just say it was a leaky shower..VERY leaky shower.

OK so Monday it was quite overcast but we managed to visit everywhere ..there is no shops. Ypu can not buy a pair of shoes ( I came with no joggers) or a jumper. We saw everything except the museum which isn't open Mon and Tues.. No sunset over the water as it was raining by then.

Monday night another night sitting on the very uncomfortablre but modern lounge getting VERY cold.
Did I mention we had a plunge pool. Yes well we did not hop in. A bit chilly..
Tuesday we went to the tavern for lunch back to 1770, called into the parks n wildlife (yes they knew Michael) wenr for a few walks..before it started to rain. We were told to expect 150 mls of rain over the next 3 days, We were si cold we checked out the Mantra at Agnes were going to move in ther on Wed but we decided to pack up and go to Hervey bay where we may at least be able to go whale watching.

So now ts cyclonic but there are shops to visit, restaurants, we have reverse cycle air con and a spa and a view of the harbour..nearly Heaven.
Will post photos when i get back.
Loved the weekend with ALL my family.

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