Monday, July 14, 2008

This is for Sammy

OK Sam this weekend I wore our necklace everywhere. I had paople tell me all day every day how beautiful my necklace was. Well today I was in City beach ( a pretty groovy store for you little guy from Mundubbera) and the lady spied my necklace and said she loved it..where did I get it. I told her my grandson made it for me..She was amazed and said you should make them for the markets to sell. Now I figure if you could run about 100 up a week we sell them for $10 a go we have $1000 a week. Now we will have to take expenses out but we should easy clear 600 a week !! Sound good!!!!! Thanks Again Sammy I do love it.

Ok and I have the platter in hand, It will be ready for you OK. So excioted about seeing you Ginny

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